Set Of 3 Lamp Shades Rattan White


Levertijd: 3-10 dagen

This beautiful set of 3 white rattan lampshades will look amazing in a bedroom, child's room, living space, or covered patio. A stunning and eye-catching boho lamp!

(This is excl. cable.)

This set includes:

  • L: 80cm x W: 80 cm x H: 56 cm Lamp shades rattan white large
  • L: 60cm x W: 60 cm x H: 42 cm Lamp shades rattan white medium
  • L: 40cm x W: 40 cm x H: 24 cm Lamp shades rattan white small


      • Material: Reed/Rattan/Bamboo
      • Color: White
      • Weight: 3.44 kg
      • Reference: 10848
      bring nature back home

      made of eco-friendly materials

      “Besides we are bringing exotic living everywhere and creating beautiful bohemian interiors we also support living in an eco-friendly way”



      Bohomevibes will bring nature back home. Most of our products are durable, made of eco-friendly materials such as water hyacinth, rattan and bamboo. We bring exotic living everywhere. Go Boho!