The Burned Bowl - Antique - L


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We love unique tableware! The beautiful antique look of our burned terracotta bowls makes them exceptional for any occasion. Only practical for dry foods


  • Dia (cm) 20
  • Height (cm) 9
  • Color Antique
  • Material(s) Burned Terracotta
  • Dishwasher proof No
  • Food proof Dry food only
  • EAN 7438246046002


The creation of ceramics is one of the oldest inventions in the world. Creating ceramic objects evolved a lot over the year and there are so many different styles and shapes.

The hard, brittle, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials are made by shaping and then exposing a non-metallic mineral, such as clay, to a high temperature.


Do not put your ceramics in a dishwasher, the temperature and pressure of the water can damage it.

The best way to clean your ceramic is to purchase the necessary cleaning products for your type of ceramic. Some only require water but others need special treatment.
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